User Testimonials

Even a Dummy like myself can use it!

I'm writing to complain about your program "BackupOutlook" by Wisco.
Your program is much too reliable and it is infuriating just how easy it is to use. Why even a dummy like myself can use it! That shouldn't be allowed!

My biggest complaint is that your program has the very annoying tendency to keep saving me from my own stupidity again and again - and over again! I'm not sure why it continually keeps doing this. No other software of any kind acts this way.

You see I'm used to overly complicated bloatware that by the time that I've figured out how to use it the program will begin crashing due to some vague incompatibly with some other something somewhere I allegedly have on my computer. Or that I am missing some mysterious .DLL that no other program on the face of planet Earth uses. This usually ends up with me reformatting my Windows 8.1 hard drive while cursing every damn programmer and software vendor who ever wrote one smidgeon of code.

That was until I found your program several years ago.

I looked at quite a few Outlook backup program that are out there before I found yours and they were not good. Many wouldn't put my email settings or rules back in place. Those are the hardest things to redo when restoring that stuff by hand. Especially when you have multiple email accounts.

Why can't everyone make simple to the point reliable software as you do? If the world were that perfect I could throw away my blood pressure medicine.

Thank you Wisco from a long time user. There is no other program made to back up Outlook that can even compare to your annoyingly reliable lifesaving program.

Tom Chatterton

Your product is simply fantastic!

I purchased and downloaded your Backup Outlook product today to transfer Outlook files from my old computer to my new one. Wow, your product is simply fantastic!
It’s so easy to use and the transfer of data was flawless.
Thank you for a really great product that lives up to its advertising promise.

Dave Jurasevich

Your software is superb!

I encountered a problem with Outlook, and I started to do the same search I always do for ’the best software’. Then, I realized I only had to look for a program by you and I would have my problem solved.
Your software is superb and your tech support excellent. I did a search for Wisco software and found just what I need.
It was all fixed up in under 2 hours, from purchase to restore. Thank you for a great product and the service to back it up.

Robert Gulley

Your product is bar none the best Outlook backup program

Your product is bar none the best Outlook backup out there!
It is lightning fast, offers multiple options and to date has never failed me!
Would recommend it to anyone. Especially now with Vista, as Vista makes it nearly impossible for the average user to access the default .pst file and make a copy or backup. Microsoft has a simple backup program, but all it does is backup your emails, not any of your rules, settings, accounts etc...BackupOutlook is a must buy for anyone whose emails and settings are essential!
The best money you will spend. So affordable also!

Paul Patry

One of the most useful programs

I really think that your software is one of the most useful programs I have ever come across!

Sophia Tzagaraki

Best money I have ever spent

I have bought the licence for outlook back up. It is the best money I have ever spent.
A superb simple to use programme that saved me time and worry over losing data. Well done and thank you.

Steven Richardson

By far the best application

If you are looking for a backup program that can be used to backup and restore all of the aspects of Microsoft Outlook, look no farther, BackUpOutLook from Wisco is the program you want.
The interface is clean and easy to use in the backup and also the restore modes. You set where the backup files and log files are to be stored. During the backup session after the backup is completed, it is verified insuring that you have a valid backup.
This program is by far the best application that I could find for backing up and restoring all aspects of Microsoft Outlook.

Bob Elliott

Thanks so much

One of those rare occasions where buying a product and using it is simply not enough without a big THANK YOU as well.
Purchased to get me from one computer to another (which it did with consummate ease) this product is now to be worked into my regular backup regime.
Thanks so much ... the memory of the many difficulties I have had in the past moving computers is fading fast!

Lindsay C.

Pretty neat

I purchased your utility yesterday and I am very pleased with the results. Pretty neat!
I tried some other backup applications prior to yours with no results. Yours do work.

Eddie Martinez

Very satisfied

VERY Satisfied ? thank you. I am very confident with your product as part of my toolkit.

Colin White

Innovative Backup utility for Microsoft Outlook

Thank you for such an innovative backup utility for MS Outlook.
Backing up PST files is only a small part of the equation. Restoring personal settings Email account information, etc. is a must!
While I have not had a hard drive failure yet, I recently went through a corporate laptop refresh with my company and using BackupOutlook, I had all my Outlook data and settings restore seamless to my new laptop in a matter of minutes while my colleagues spent hours restoring their data, recreating their accounts, signature files, etc.
Thank you! Thank you!

Robert Alexander

Best Backup Outlook program on the market

The best backup outlook program on the market hands down. I?ve been a network and system admin from 25 years and I?ve used all the other outlook backup programs on the market. A few are good, but none are as solid this software.
I bet my company you will love it.

Golman Aaron Dillon

I’m very happy

I’m very happy with ’Backup Outlook’ and am using it all the time both for simple backup routine in my PC and also for transferring all outlook from desktop to my laptop when I go travelling.

Colin White

How much easier can it get?

I was in a serious crunch of having to move my data from Outlook 2003 really fast to another new computer. The software backed up the original Outlook in a very short amount of time and then reinstalled flawlessly on the new computer without a glitch.
How much easier can it get?

David Burrows

This is a great product

Many thanks, this is a great product. I have now restored all of my Outlook information without losing any information.

Bob Elliott

I Love your program

After installing the new program everything works perfect. Thanks for your help! I love your program.

Jim Holsted

It has already saved me once.

Hello, I purchased BackupOutlook and love it. It has already saved me once.

Tony Angiola

Great little piece of software

This isn?t a support call..I just wanted to say thanks for a great little piece of software! Ok, so I?m sure I could have figured out all the reg edits needed by myself eventually...but for $29 why not use this instead! I was moving from Outlook 2003 on XP to Outlook 2007 on Vista and BackupOutlook worked great. Everything copied over and is working fine. It does what is says on the tin!

Paul Carless

I thought that support like that died

THANK YOU for this very fast reply. I thought that support like that had long died but you proved me wrong!

Albert Kleyn

Windows 10

’Backup Outlook’ is fully compatible with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.